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Brand New Adventures For Your Business

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Add new adventures to your adventure park with all terrain electric 4-wheel vehicles that climb out of even the deepest and most precarious situations. Swincars are an exciting new alternative to your ordinary ATV vehicles. Their electric motor eliminates engine noise to reduce impact on the environment and minimize disturbance of your other activities!

Swincars have four independent wheels with electric motors and suspension allowing them to traverse even the toughest terrain! What's even cooler?


They can be handicap accessible allowing those with limited mobility to connect with nature like never before!

Swincar tours can be designed to meet a wide array of intensity levels for younger family tours and high intensity adventure tours. They even come in tandem models to allow smaller kids or those that don't wish to drive to come along for the ride.

Contact us to order your Swincar or Swincar Fleet!

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