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Retrofits & Modifications

Vertical Trek Innovations

Aerial adventure has never been more safe!

Vertical Trek Innovations is the worlds safest and most continuous belay system! Providing a continuous connection from the beginning to end of every aerial adventure. Never fear accidental disconnects or unintentional safety hook transfers, with VTI belaying your guests, you can focus on building an incredible experience without the fear potential user error.

Vertical Trek Innovations Saftey Hook Seven

Peace of Mind

Vertical Trek Innovations is the strongest belay system on the market, and with no moving parts, user error is a thing of the past!

Vertical Trek Innovations Saftey hook and M4 connector
Continuous belay system keeps guests connected at all times while in the air

A Safer Participant

A closed continuous belay system means it's impossible for a participant to detach themselves from the belay system while connected!


Our continuous belay system has connectors rated up to 9-Tons!

For the first time ever with a continuous belay system, you can have your longest ziplines continuously belayed into your standard aerial elements.

Unlimited connection options means your course can reach its full potential uninhibited
Vertical Trek Innovations connection system allows seamless transition while on zip line tours


Use one simple system for all of your adventures!

Seamlessly transition from stairs to tower platforms, to aerial elements, to ziplines big and small allowing continuous belay throughout your entire adventure park.


Vertical Trek Innovations has been on the international scene for over a decade. Over 300 adventure parks and zipline canopy tour courses are currently using our patented system. Aspects such as being: cost effective, safer, simple, and strong should make this your #1 choice to retro fit your current life line system.

See Vertical Trek In Action!

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