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Our team of ACCT certified inspectors check current equipment and reviews past inspections policy and procedures. We are unconditionally dedicated to the safety of your staff & guests. We work with you to create safer adventure courses.

American Adventure Park Systems (AAPS) is an institution member of ACCT and portions of applicable ASTM. All aspects of AAPS construction and AAPS inspections meet or exceed these industry standards and practices.

Our inspection reports are completed primarily using the written standards set by ACCT, Portions of ASTM, AEE, CWA, and American Adventure Park Systems. (Copies of these standards are available from the above organizations for a fee by contacting them independently.)

Our inspectors are qualified and certified to perform safety checks and recommendations on the following:

  • Design of the Challenge Course

  • Installation of the Challenge Course Elements

  • Current Condition of the Course & Equipment as well as Corresponding Records

  • Team Building Sites (Low and High)

  • Ziplines

  • Anchor systems (Critical and Non-critical)

  • Platforms

  • Hardware Anchorage Systems

  • Supporting Structures (Ramps, Stairs, Railings)

  • Surrounding environment


American Adventure Park Systems, The Climbing Wall Association (CWA), The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) all state in their written standards that challenge courses and equipment be inspected daily before and after each use, monthly by in house staff, and annually by a qualified outside vendor. Challenge courses are potentially dangerous and it is your organizations responsibility to receive the appropriate technical training for the use of all challenge courses and all equipment.

Zip line inspection and construction, tension testing, zip line tightening

Life Rated and Backup Systems

Our technicians check all connection points on your course to ensure each element is backed up and secured properly while meeting or exceeding current standards.

Tension and Speed Check.jpg

Support Structures
and Guy Systems

An aerial course is only as good as the systems supporting it. Our professional crew assess all supporting systems, assuring safe operation and stable anchoring for your course.

Adventure Park Support Struction and Suspension Systems.
Tree platform at lake guntersville zip lines

Trees, Poles, and Surrounding Environment

Hardware isn't the only challenge we face in our industry. Working with the environment is equally important to continue operating safely. Trees and poles provide the foundation for most courses, so it's important to check them periodically for any signs of wear or deterioration. We will also check the surrounding environment for any potential hazards that could impact the course negatively in the future.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment includes everything utilized by participants and staff to ensure safety while on their aerial adventure. Gear is essential to every experience and must be kept in proper working order. Our staff is trained to check gear to manufacturer standards for condition appropriate use and storage, and can help you to understand the parameters of safe gear usage to ensure your inventory is utilized to its maximum potential.

Gear inspections meeting manufacturer specification keep participants safe at all times

Local Operating Procedures

Required documentation may be different depending on local laws and ordinances. Our technicians can review a wide variety of documents, forms, packets, reports, and manuals to ensure compliance with ANSI/ACCT, ASTM, AEE, CWA standards and many more!

professional staff training at myrtle beach zip line adventures prepare new guides to be experts in the adventure industry
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