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Adventure Matrix

Metal Adventure Super Structures Made in the USA


Adventure Matrix is completely manufactured in the USA and made out of high tensile strength aircraft grade aluminum poles, steel shoes, and mid connectors.  With beefy Cylinders and internal steel connection points that allow the structure to be light and category 5 hurricane resistant without additional guy wires. Utilizing aluminum over steel allows for a much lower center of gravity, providing higher hurricane resistance.

Take the first step towards building an adventure destination with a serious wow factor! Beginning with our preliminary concept design to the final install, your adventure matrix will be custom designed to match your vision with our professional experience. Take your dreams of building the ultimate aerial adventure to fruition and give us a call to start the conversation. Check out the many features and benefits of including an Adventure Matrix at your location!

Contact Us and Take Your Adventures to New Heights


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Totally Custom

The Adventure Matrix is completely customizable to your location. We will work with you directly to design something totally unique from any other park. With a virtually unlimited combination of elements, your matrix can be tailored to best fit the level of challenge you aim to provide. 

Light weight material keeps time and costs for shipping and labor lower than most metal structures without diminishing safety and stability. This gets you up and running faster, and leads to a faster return on investment!

Our structures can be made out of aluminum or wood! The heaviest aluminum piece used is only 80 pounds!

Virtually limitless color options means your metal super structure can be custom designed to fit the aesthetics of your existing or future adventure park!

customize your Adventure Matrix to look almost any way you want with customized themes and colors to match your park!

Our aluminum structures handle corrosive environments extremely well!

One of our Adventure Matrix structures is located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina just off the beach and has been proven to handle the salt water air much better than steel structures!

We build our Adventure Matrix with the Vertical Trek Innovations Continuous Closed Belay System!

Having a continuous closed belay system keeps your participants safer by preventing the possibility of accidental disconnects while increasing efficiency and creating a natural flow for your course.

The Adventure Matrix can fit a wide variety of extra adventures to turn your metal structure into the central hub of all activities!

  • Add zip lines through and around your Adventure Matrix or connect to an existing canopy tour course

  • Connect free fall platforms and systems for the ultimate thrill as you and your guests take the ultimate leap of faith!

  • Scale climbing walls with manual or automatic belay systems on walls of any shape and size!

  • Add a scenic 360 degree lookout or panoramic platform at the top for guests to reach along their adventure or attach a separate staircase for guests to climb to the top for an unbeatable view.

Adventure Matrix


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