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AAPS provides adventure services on all levels:

- Consultation

- Inspection

 - Installation 

- Training 


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Check out our services & some examples of our past, current and up coming projects.

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We sell adventure products too!

- Vertical Trek Innovations

- AAPS Adventure Matrix

- Petzl

- Dillion tension meters

- Roberston Mountaineering

- HeadRush Technologies

- And More!



Vertical Trek Innovations

Continuous Belay means unintentional disconnections are a thing of the past. 

Experience unparalleled simplicity, versatility, & strength with this user friendly and cost effective innovation. 

Vertical Trek Innovations

Safety Unmatched

Adventure Matrix

AAPS is proud to present this aluminium adventure superstructure! Manufactured in the USA; it can be modified to match any operation, footprint, and budget. 


The Adventure Matrix

Elevated Adventure

Unmatched Aerial Adventures


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